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MicroVision and Pioneer

August 16th, 2013

MicroVision has received follow-up questions after our August 8, 2013 earnings conference call regarding our relationship with Pioneer Corporation. So we wanted to expand on the discussion here.

We are very pleased with our relationship with Pioneer and to be part of the CYBER NAVI HUD – a world’s first on many levels. It was the world’s first HUD to project augmented reality and to use direct green lasers. And of course for MicroVision it was the first commercial product with PicoP Gen2 technology and Pioneer was our first customer to go to market under our “Image by PicoP®” ingredient brand business model.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve the role and integration of information systems in cars, Pioneer is also evolving its business model and focus for car navigation systems to align with the changing market.  They recently launched a 2013 edition of the CYBER NAVI HUD with updated features that are all about information integration and sharing. The display engine for the augmented reality HUD in the latest CYBER NAVI is based on MicroVision’s PicoP display technology and incorporates parts we have supplied to Pioneer. You can read more about the latest features in the CYBER NAVI in Pioneer’s Press Release and a recent Engadget article reviewing the new 2013 edition. And of course, as a visual display company we are all about seeing things in images, so the latest CYBER NAVI video Pioneer has posted to You Tube is worth a look as well. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you get the idea of the way the product is taking in information and displaying it for the driver. The bright clear images that can be seen in daylight are hallmarks of PicoP display technology in HUD deployment.

 As for our business relationship with Pioneer, we have received orders of $ $5.8 million from Pioneer which we fulfilled from Q2 2012 through Q2 2013. The quality of the components has been extremely high and the display engine based on PicoP display technology has performed well. We have several of the commercial CYBER NAVI systems and they get a “wow” response when we show them off. As we discussed on the conference call, we continue to engage in discussions with Pioneer on future business opportunities, with focus on embedded HUD as that is where we see the highest potential as we believe this is where the automotive industry is also focusing for HUD.  We have been a proud partner of Pioneer’s and look forward to continued opportunities to be part of future innovative products they may bring to market.

 If you are interested in learning more about the business changes Pioneer is making, they have recently issued multiple press releases talking about their restructuring, business model updates, and business alliances.

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A Little Disney "Magic" and MicroVision Technology Bring Storybooks to Life

July 25th, 2013

As a company who is grounded in research and development as a means to discover exciting, disruptive products, at MicroVision we’re always encouraging others to explore new possibilities and create innovative applications using MicroVision technology.  So when Disney Research’s latest projection demonstration surfaced, we wanted to share what they have created mixing their “magic” and our technology.

HideOut is a perfect example of how PicoP® display technology can free your imagination to see outside the box — a prototype system created by Disney Research that uses MicroVision’s patented PicoP display technology in the form of a SHOWWX™ pico projector to enable interactive , augmented reality

applications. The video shows how the handheld device enables users to interact with digital content that seems hidden until the projector brings it out onto everyday objects such as books, walls, game boards, tables, and many others. 

Check out the video: Disney Research Brings Storybooks to Life with HideOut

This is the latest advance by Disney Research using MicroVision technology.  MotionBeam and SideBySide are two other instances where Disney Research demonstrates the type of “beyond projection” applications that can be created using PicoP display technology. The focus-free nature of PicoP display technology is one reason why it is suited to this type of advanced application where other projection technologies are not.

While these projects are only in the research and development phase, we are excited to see PicoP display technology at the heart of solutions that show off some possibilities to change the way we see and interact with information.

Partnering for Success

September 18th, 2012

In April we transitioned to our core “Image by PicoP®” business model that entails working with key strategic partners to bring our patented PicoP® display technology to market through licensing agreements. MicroVision can focus resources on our core competencies: PicoP display technology reference design, system controls algorithms, MEMS and new applications. With benefits for all parties involved in bringing new products to market, this model is preferred not only by MicroVision but also by companies we are in discussions with.

Partnering for success

Under this model, we just announced a strategic relationship with Intersil, a leader in the semiconductor industry. This agreement is part of cementing our ingredient brand business model by offering a solution that not only has industry leading features today but also has a strong roadmap that advances the technology for years to come. PicoP® Gen2 display technology boasts the only HD image for pico projectors available today and it can be delivered in a package that is about 1 inch wide and less than a quarter of an inch thick. It is low powered at less than 2.5 watts while displaying up to a 25 lumen image. This combination of specs make PicoP Gen2 optimized for mobility. Like any high tech solution, what is optimal today can and should get better as it matures. That is where the Intersil relationship strengthens the MicroVision PicoP display technology roadmap to give original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) evaluating PicoP display technology today assurances that the technology can improve to facilitate their roadmaps for their end user products. A perfect illustration of the importance of roadmap is evident right now as the mobile industry experiences the introduction of the iPhone 5, the sixth in a series of iPhones that Apple has launched in the last five years, with each new introduction improving on what it marketed in the previous version.
Through cooperation with Intersil, PicoP display technology is expected to offer much higher brightness while simultaneously lowering power usage without increasing the size of the module. This combination extends the mobility value proposition of PicoP display technology because remaining a battery powered solution with higher brightness is a key necessity for mobile products. So while PicoP display technology is optimized for mobility today in relation to market expectations for pico projection, the solution that can be offered with the Intersil chipset stands to redefine that optimization with enhanced capabilities as the market for pico projection grows and consumer expectation grows in parallel.
When we looked at Intersil and their core values as a company, it was clear that their focus on innovation, doing things in a smarter way that breaks with the norm and their belief that having talented people is the driver for real innovation made them an ideal partner for MicroVision. We couldn’t be happier to have Intersil contributing to advancing the PicoP display technology value proposition as we strive to enable people to not only think outside the box, but to see outside the box as well.

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