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Welcome 2015 and the World’s First HD Laser Pico Projectors Which Incorporate PicoP® Display Technology

January 5th, 2015

As we enter into a new year, it is usually associated with new beginnings. At MicroVision we are excited at the prospects that 2015 holds, but for us new developments that come forward this year are a continuation of events that have been in motion for some time. Right out of the gate, the world’s first HD laser pico projectors were announced today at the 2015 International CES. We are extremely pleased to say that they incorporate PicoP® display technology. The two projectors, PicoPro and PicoAir, are being launched by Celluon, a company that specializes in consumer products that enhance mobile experiences using lasers. We have been collaborating with Celluon on the design of these products since CES last year and couldn’t be happier with the announcement today that introduces these revolutionary products to the world.

PicoPro and PicoAir have the benefits associated with PicoP display technology that are the right combination for mobility:

• HD, always in focus images

• Compact, slim, and light design

• Long battery life

• High contrast ratio, vivid colors with enhanced perceived brightness of lasers.

We look forward to following Celluon’s story as consumers discover the big screen experience these pico projectors create from a compact, smartphone-sized device with HD, always-in-focus images up to 250 inches. With Facebook users watching nearly 1 billion videos per day via mobile and YouTube reporting that nearly 50% of its views now come from mobile, there is no shortage of content for people to enjoy with a bigger screen than they are getting today on a smartphone or tablet.

We will be busy ourselves at CES with private meetings in our suites right next to the main show floor. We have a packed schedule as we continue our business development activities to evangelize the benefits of PicoP display technology and to connect OEMs with partners who are developing display engines incorporating our technology.

Recapping 2012 and Looking Ahead to 2013

January 7th, 2013

Heading into a new year is always a good time to reflect back on the previous year. For MicroVision 2012 was marked by significant advancements in the second generation of our PicoP® display technology and the transition to our ingredient brand business model.

Key highlights of 2012 include:

— Unveiling MicroVision’s HD PicoP® Gen2 display technology using direct green lasers at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With its small form factor, low power and superior image quality, PicoP Gen2 display technology even received the ‘CES Product of the Future’ award by Popular Science.

— Transitioning to our core “Image by PicoP®” ingredient brand business model. Under this model, we reported royalty revenue in Q3 as well as positive margin on components sales that quarter.

— Shipping PicoP® Gen2 display engine design samples for customer evaluation to more than two dozen companies in the automotive and consumer electronics sector by the end of Q3.

— Launching the first commercial product to incorporate PicoP Gen2 display technology, Pioneer’s Carrozzeria Cyber Navi heads-up display system, debuting in Japan in July.

— Entering a strategic partnership with Intersil to strengthen PicoP display technology’s cost and performance roadmap.

— Increasing revenue in Q3 by more than 40 percent year over year and significantly decreasing cash used in operations, as announced in the Q3 earnings release

An additional highlight in 2012 was significant advancements in the commercial availability of direct green lasers (DGL) with Osram announcing its first commercial DGLs, Sony announcing its intent to enter the DGL market, and an additional supplier providing direct green lasers to Pioneer for the Cyber Navi.

2013 gets off to a quick start with CES this week. In keeping with our ingredient brand business model for licensing our technology to OEMs, MicroVision will take advantage of the converging of the major consumer electronics, cellphone and automotive OEMs in Las Vegas. Our focus is on furthering strategic business partnerships and reaching potential customers in private meetings in lieu of a public exhibition.  We have some great meetings lined up and are eager to start this year off building upon the momentum and progress of 2012.

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Happy 50th!

October 2nd, 2012

Galaxy Gold Space Needle at 50

There are a lot of 50 year anniversaries this year popping up around me.  Having debuted at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, the Space Needle is honoring its 50th birthday by returning the needle to its original galaxy gold color and hosting numerous events throughout the year. Last week as we noted on our Facebook page, the Society for Information Display celebrated its 50th anniversary, and this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the laser semiconductor. We are marking this milestone year by sponsoring the IEEE Photonics Society’s 23rd International Semiconductor Laser Conference in San Diego October 7-10. With an international roster of speakers from business and the academic world it promises to be an in depth discussion of the latest developments in semiconductor lasers, amplifiers and LEDs.

To help us commemorate these 50 year milestones in the display and laser industries, visit with us if you happen to be in San Diego for the IEEE Laser Conference or if you are in Detroit October 18-19 at SID Vehicle Display where we are also exhibiting. And of course if business or pleasure travel brings you to Seattle, be sure to take a ride to the top of the Space Needle. Whatever color it is, the view is amazing and the fun of eating in a revolving restaurant never gets old.

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