Today in Japan Pioneer announced its Carrozzeria Cyber Navi AR heads-up display (HUD) product. The announcement and web posting for the product are in Japanese but with the translate function in Google you can get a good sense of the content which in part reads “Displays the size of the equivalent (37 inches) 90cm × 30cm in front of about 3m from the eye of the driver, the AR information in full color high-brightness, high contrast and RGB laser light source.” MicroVision is proud to supply Pioneer with our HD PicoP Gen2 display technology based on direct green lasers (PicoP Gen2) so that they can deliver this enhanced driving experience with an Image by PicoP.

The Pioneer site provides a lot of detail on the product as well as an in depth 10 minute video.  Watching the video you really get a sense for how the driver will have an augmented reality with the HUD aided by the brightness of the Image by PicoP projected display. Even if you don’t read Japanese you can appreciate the content of the video. Watch the Pioneer AR HUD on You Tube now.

Pioneer Carrozzeria Cyber Navi AR HUD with Image by PicoP display

We congratulate Pioneer on bringing this first Augmented Reality HUD product to market which is also the first commercial application for MicroVision’s PicoP Gen2 display technology.