Hi there.  Most of you don’t know me so I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Tony Bussert and I’m the Product Support Manager here at Microvision.  Mostly I spend my days in the trenches helping customers work through their tough issues.  I also get to play with a lot of handheld type gadgets so I’ve got a pretty good feel on what kind of experience I’m looking for in handheld technology.  Because of this when Macworld rolled around this year I was asked to participate and help man our booth.  We had a great show, but the time I had the most fun was after the show was over.

I stayed a few extra days in San Francisco as I have a friend who lived within a few blocks of the where Macworld was being held.  I was lucky in that the company let me keep one of the projectors until I came back to work on Monday.  I had a lot of fun shining it at restaurants, streets and buildings.  The most fun I had though was at a bar called O’Neil’s by the ATT ball park.

My friend and I went to O’Neil’s to give his wife a break from our rowdiness and watch one of the NFL playoff games.  When we got to the bar it was pretty crowded, but we were able to find a couple of seats together.  The problem was that there was a pillar blocking about half the TV screen.  So I put my technical thinking cap on and said to myself, “Self, we can figure a way to watch this game and have a little fun at the same time.”  There was a menu stand in front of us and a white paper place-mat behind the counter.  I grabbed the place-mat, put it in landscape mode (hehe) and put into the menu holder.  Next I turned on my AT&T Fuze, brought up my SlingPlayer, changed the channel to the game and then hooked up the SHOW WX to the TV Out cable that I had for my phone.  Voila, my friend and I could now watch the game unobstructed!

We sat there watching the game intently, but after a few mins I noticed we started to gather a crowd around us.  At one point there were people that could clearly see the normal TV, but were watching the game from the projector.  It was like drawing moths to a flame!  Once a commercial came on I started to get all the normal questions about pricing, availability, technology (you are using lasers? Cooool!).  Everyone agreed how cool and handy having a small projector could be and were amazed that we could actually see things in a lighted room. All in al a great response.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for the time being.  You’ll see guest posts from me on here every once in a while and you can also follow my posts for the company on Twitter.