My associate, Russell Hannigan (Director of Product Management for Consumer Projection Displays), and myself have been in Orlando this week at Insight Media’s Projection Summit. And, Ben Averch (Marketing Manager) has just flown in to participate on a panel discussion on the emerging opportunities in 3D. This is not a large event, only about 150 attendees, but extremely focused on the developments in the projection display area. For those attending they are getting a very up-close look at the emerging Pico Projector category. In addition to Microvision’s SHOWWX, also exhibiting in the pico projector category are BTendo, 3M, Micron (DisplayTech Engine) , LG Electronics (DLP pico engine), and Spyro Optics: Jabil (DLP engine). While our ‘engine’ technologies have fundamentally different approaches to projecting an image, it is very positive to see all these players in one place. The market is real and growing! And, being able to participate in the side by side comparisons does not get any more real than this. Speaking of ‘real’, check out the recent posting by PocketNow.

One of their bloggers, Daniel Webster, visited our offices last week and captured this demo of SHOWWX. Nothing fancy in the production, but this will give you a good idea of SHOWWX if you have never seen it in person.

Everybody have a good day. I have to head back to the Projection Summit event. Talk to you later. Matt