What are differences between the
+Native Micro-HDMI port for expanded connectivity
+Digital signal processing on HDMI for powerful visual
+HDCP support for playing DRM content (for example
purchased movies/tv shows from iTunes)
+Ability to video mirror when connected to select mobile
devices such as RIM BlackBerry Playbook, Apple iPad 2
(Apple AV dongle required), etc... (see Compatibility
page for details.
What type of HDMI cable to I need?
The SHOWWX+ HDMI ships standard with a micro-to-micro
HDMI cable (0.5m/19.7"). You may require a
micro-to-standard or micro-to-mini HDMI cable depending
on the type of HDMI connector on your mobile device.
These cable options are available from MicroVision or third
party vendors.
How bright is the projected image?
The output is measured at 15 lumens. As with all
projectors, how bright the projected image appears
to the user depends on ambient lighting, distance
to projection surface and the projection technology.
15 lumens is perfect for on-the-go controlled lighting
environments like homes, offices, cafes and the back
seat of airplanes
What is the PicoP® Display Engine?
PicoP is MicroVision's ultra-miniature scanning laser-based
projection display engine capable of producing large,high
contrast, color rich, high resolution images. PicoP is small
and low-power enough to be embedded directly into mobile
devices, such as cell phones or accessory projectors such
as the SHOWWX+ HDMI.
What about sound?
The SHOWWX+ has a stereo jack for ear buds
or external speakers.
How do I connect SHOWWX+ HDMI to an
Apple iPad 2 to get video mirroring?
Apple sells a Digital AV adaptor that provides a standard
HDMI port and connects to the Apple 30-pin port on the
iPad2. Connect a micro-to-standard HDMI cable to the
Apple AV adaptor and then to the SHOWWX+ HDMI micro
port and you are ready to mirror.
Note: The micro-to-standard HDMI cable is an optional
accessory available from MicroVision or third party vendors.
What is video mirroring?
It's simple, what you see on your display, you can
project on the SHOWWX+ HDMI - videos, movies,
photos, presentations, games, and more.
What is the proper set up for my Blackberry
Go into the settings menu on the Blackberry Playbook (top
right corner on main menu), select HDMI and turn HDMI
audio to off. This will ensure the audio output is via
the onboard speakers on the Playbook. For the best visual
experience, in the same HDMI sub-menu set the screen to
"Fill". Connect your SHOWWX+ HDMI via the included
micro-to-micro HDMI cable and you are ready to share,
collaborate and have fun with a bigger screen display.
What type of content will I be able
to project?
Photos, movies, TV shows, music videos, YouTube,
podcast, or presentations. View the SHOWWX+ HDMI
Gallery to see videos of different scenarios.
How long will the battery last?
The SHOWWX+ HDMI will last up to 120 minutes,
allowing time to view videos and most full-length
movies or provide a presentation on a single charge.
For run times beyond 2 hours, you can also use the
SHOWWX+™ Wall Charger to run your SHOWWX+
HDMI off of wall-power.
Are lasers safe?
Yes. There are a number of laser products on the market
today. MicroVision's SHOWWX+ HDMI is a class 2
laser product that is safe for use by consumers.
Will this work with the iPhone 4?
Absolutely! In fact there are a number of great Apps,
that can be used with it, including Netflix, RAGE HD,
YouTube, and more! Watch our + App Demo videos for
SHOWWX+ HDMI on YouTube.
How can i buy one?
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