MicroVision’s PicoP® display technology: a powerful, patented solution that provides an enhanced viewing experience from a tiny form factor that can be embedded in a wide array of products from consumer electronics to vehicles.

Better Viewing Experiences from Mobile Devices


Image by PicoP® prototype device

Collaboration, communication and entertainment have all taken on new dimensions in the mobile data era. The explosive growth of mobile devices running on high speed wireless access networks, the wide availability of WiFi, and the proliferation of applications (apps) and content for mobile consumption have created a consumer expectation of being able to access information from almost anywhere. The very nature of mobility requires devices to be very small – palm of the hand or pocket size. The result – a small screen that limits the ability to view and share information on the go. MicroVision offers OEMs a way to break through the display bottleneck by embedding our patented PicoP® display technology in their consumer electronics products.

Better Driving Experiences


Driver distraction is a growing issue and options for viewing navigation data on a mobile device are proliferating. Having that data projected in front of the driver in a Head Up Display (HUD) that minimizes distraction is a feature car manufacturers and aftermarket automotive suppliers increasingly want to offer their customers. MicroVision’s picoHUD™ technology offers auto makers and suppliers an advanced, patented solution for sharp, clear images that can be seen in bright daylight like no other display technology.