See Outside the Box with PicoP® Display Technology

Imagine the on-the-go convenience of a compact mobile device like a smartphone or tablet for watching videos, playing games and looking at pictures without the limitations of the built-in screen especially for sharing the viewing experience. Or a digital video or still camera that has a projected image playback built right in so that you can share images as soon as you’ve taken them or you can examine them in a format large enough that you know you captured the image as you intended.

MicroVision’s PicoP® display technology offers OEMs an answer to the constraints of the small screen without losing the mobility of pocket size devices. Our next generation HD technology can be embedded in consumer electronics devices for an all-in-one solution or it can be the core of an accessory pico projector that is no bigger than a slim smartphone. No other pico projection technology can match the image brightness and HD resolution produced by MicroVision’s patented display technology. The form factor is extremely small and consumes less power than competing technologies making it the ideal answer to embedded projection in mobile devices.

Reference Designs for Devices OEMs Can Embed with PicoP® Display Technology

Reference Designs for Devices OEMs Can Embed with PicoP® Display Technology


Pencil-smallMicroVision’s patented technology at its heart contains our MEMS scanner driven by our proprietary algorithms. OEMs can license the patented PicoP® display technology from MicroVision to develop innovative products with enhanced visibility. We offer a number of tools to help OEMs evaluate our technology and we support our customers as they develop products that will delight their customers.

Image by PicoP®

The PicoP® display technology is in its second generation (PicoP® Gen2). This latest upgrade from MicroVision brings enhanced image quality with a 25 lumen, 720p High Definition (HD) picture that is always in focus. The physical aspects of the PicoP® Gen2 display engine – tiny form factor and low power consumption – enable OEMs to embed a PicoP® Gen2 in their mobile device without an increase in the size of the consumer product and less drain on the battery life than other pico projection technologies – both key factors in the world of mobility.

Beyond image quality, small form factor and low power consumption that are important technical specs, the PicoP® Gen2 display technology includes a unique set of advanced features that will enable immersive, augmented reality experiences. Interactive touch facilitates engaging with the projected image and 3D opens up innumerable application possibilities. MicroVision’s PicoP® Gen2 display technology is the only pico projection technology that goes beyond projection.