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CES Recap

February 6th, 2012

January was a busy month for us here at MicroVision. Not only did our team travel down to Las Vegas for CES, but we had exciting announcements with PicoP Gen 2 laser display engine, PicoMagic applications and our collaboration with WOWee ONE – all of which generated really great media coverage.

Once we returned to Redmond, we were eager to get back to work especially after all the positive feedback we received on our technology, specifically the PicoMagic display applications and PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine. In addition to winning the Popular Science “Product of the Future” award and seeing great articles post in The Huffington Post, Engadget, Tom’s Guide, and Ubergizmo, we also continued to see articles publish following the show.

The UK publication T3 named our PicoMagic display applications the best application at CES this year, showing that our technology has breached global barriers. Additionally, Jeremy Hill of Gamertell wrote about his hands-on experience with the PicoP Gen 2 laser display engine and how he thinks it will change the future of gaming. TechNewsDaily also wrote about the PicoMagic display applications, describing how our PicoP touch interactive display worked and saying the technology is “mind blowing.”

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Additionally, our collaboration with WOWee ONE generated some great coverage on sites such as Engadget, Hot Hardware, Geeky Gadgets and IntoMobile

Later in the month, the tech gurus at AllThingsD published an article which featured MicroVision’s PicoP Gen 2 laser display as a future display technology. The article specifically focused on how PicoP touch interactive could be an alternate option for standard keyboards and touchscreens – a pretty cool feature if you ask us.

The splash we made at CES was a great way to start off 2012.  We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us!

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CES Recap – Day 3

January 17th, 2012

In addition to holding product demonstrations at CES, we’ve been busy on the show floor checking out all the cool technology and throwing pop-up Pico Parties. Yes, that’s right, a Pico Party. Using the SHOWWX+ HDMI and an iPod/iPhone, we invited users to play mobile games, sing karaoke, and even watch music videos in the taxi lines.  Who doesn’t enjoy a little Lady Gaga while waiting for a taxi? 

The mobile gaming and karaoke Pico Parties were a great brain-break for CES attendees. For the karaoke party, we used our SHOWWX+ HDMI, an i-device, a WOWee ONE portable speaker and a portable microphone to create a mobile karaoke station. The SHOWWX+ HDMI projected the lyrics onto any type of surface at any spot on the show floor, and attendees got to do their best “American Idol” impression.

While hosting pop-up Pico Parties, we also got to check out all the cool technology on the show floor including Pioneer’s Augmented Reality HUD, which is powered by MicroVision’s PicoP technology. It’s amazing to see what other companies are doing with our technology and how the PicoP engine is being used in a variety of industries.

Overall, day three at CES 2012 was a big success. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for more photos and videos from the show.  Stay turned for a CES wrap-up later this week!

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CES Recap – Day 2

January 12th, 2012

As CES continues, we’re getting the opportunity to meet with many great folks and have been excited to see people’s responses to our technology. We’ve heard positive things about the possibilities that lay ahead for mobile display and the future of mobile gaming, and we’re pleased to say that Popular Science has awarded our PicoP Gen 2 laser display engine with the CES Product of the Future award! The award compliments the great article Popular Science posted yesterday, which emphasizes MicroVision’s PicoP Gen 2 laser display engine as an embedded display solution. Here’s a quick highlight from the award

“If there’s one thing we love at PopSci, it’s a pico projector. And, well, we’ve seen a lot of them over the last three years. But MicroVision’s new PicoP Gen2 is sorta the one we’ve been looking for. Not only is it the first pico to display 720p HD video, it’s also the first one we’ve seen that’s small and efficient enough to be built into more things that just standalone projectors–we’re talking projector phones that aren’t bricks and even portable gaming systems that can be standalone mobile entertainment centers.”

MicroVision's PicoP Gen2 wins Popular Science CES 2012 Product of the Future

Popular Science isn’t the only one impressed with our technology. Jason Gilbert at The Huffington Post wrote a great article about MicroVision’s PicoP touch interactive display and compared the technology to a scene out of the movie “Minority Report.” The article includes a video of our own Mark Burson playing a helicopter game with our PicoP touch interactive technology, painting a clear picture of what Gilbert means when he says “the technology that could one day allow you to play any video game, anywhere, at any time, on any surface.” You can read the full article and watch the video here.

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