MicroVision is a pioneer in pico projector technology with research and development successes that have yielded a significant number of patents making us an independently recognized leader in the development of intellectual property (IP). IEEE has ranked MicroVision’s IP portfolio in the top 20 among all global electronics companies and the top U.S. company in the rankings. MicroVision’s IP portfolio has also been recognized by the Patent Board, in association with the Wall Street Journal, as a top 50 IP portfolio among all global industrial companies. The Patent Board has developed more than 50 indicators that track global patent activity relating to companies’ innovation, technology, and science strengths. MicroVision’s IP portfolio is further recognized by having been added to the Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index. The Index is priced and published by the NYSE Euronext (NYSE: OTPAT). The index is objectively based on the value of intellectual property compared to competitors.

We have harnessed our core IP into the PicoP® display technology, an ultra-miniature projection display methodology that OEMs can embed into a variety of next generation products from mobile consumer electronics to vehicles.

Technology-projectionMicroVision’s patented MEMS scanner is at the core of our PicoP display technology and is coupled with red, blue and green laser light sources to produce an always in focus high definition image with a broad color gamut unmatched by any other pico projection technology. Of importance to consumer product OEMs is the small form factor and low power consumption that will fit easily into mobile devices. MicroVision’s picoHud™ solution, based on PicoP® display technology, can be viewed in bright daylight giving automotive companies a key advantage for vehicle displays.