MicroVision’s Technology Foundation

Projection Engine

Small Form Factor Projection Engine for Embedded and Mobile Applications

PicoP® scanning technology provides enhanced image quality, with an HD picture that is always-in-focus, from an engine the fraction of the size of a business card and only several mm thick.

Best-in-class combination of brightness, resolution, size and power consumption.

Interactive Projection Engine

On-Demand Interactive Display for IoT and AI Platforms

Enable customers to develop more natural user experiences by adding sight, touch, and gestures to existing voice interactions so that virtual digital assistants are more useful to consumers, unlocking opportunities for increased monetization.

Integrated hardware and software module with MicroVision’s embedded machine learning provides a complete solution.

Always-in-focus display and flexible 3D sensing technology adapt to the environment.

Interactive Display – Class 1

Interactive Display – Class 3R

Consumer 3D LiDAR Sensor

Compact Cognitive LiDAR For Smart Home Applications

Enable the next level in home automation and security with an adaptable, high resolution, and low latency 3D LiDAR sensor.

Integrated hardware and software module with MicroVision’s embedded 3D cognitive features for classification, occupancy, intent, and segmentation.

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Projection Engine for Head-Mounted Displays

Miniature HD Display Technology To Enable the Future of AR + MR + VR

MicroVision’s scanning technology enables an important piece of the augmented reality puzzle—the display.

Our solution enables large field-of-view, highly transparent, HD images with extremely low latency and persistence.

Automotive 3D LiDAR Sensor

Compact Perceptive LiDAR For HD Mapping and Active Collision Avoidance

Integrated hardware and software module that incorporates MicroVision Perceptive 3D LiDAR sensor with real-time object classification.

Small size enables preservation of automobile aesthetics.