How it Works

MicroVision’s patented MEMS scanner is at the core of our PicoP® display technology and is coupled with red, blue and green laser light sources to create the projected image. Each color pixel is generated by combining modulated red, green and blue laser light sources. The intensity of each of the light sources is varied to generate a complete palette of colors and shades. For example, red pixels require the red laser be turned on and the blue and green lasers turned off. For purple pixels, red and blue lasers are turned on and the green laser turned off. MicroVision’s PicoP® display technology includes the drive electronics that acquire and process signals from a data source to control and synchronize the color mix and placement of individual pixels.

The MEMS scanning mirror directs the beam of light toward the projection surface in the pico projector case. In the case of a head up display proprietary optical elements direct the beam of light toward optics external to the PicoP® display engine that ensure the image is viewable within the driver’s eyebox.

Main image

The pixels are arranged by a repetitive horizontal scanner motion that rapidly sweeps the light beam to place the pixels into rows and a vertical scanner motion that moves the light beam up and down to points where successive rows of pixels are drawn. This process is continued until an entire field of rows has been placed and a full image appears to the user. With MicroVision’s patented PicoP®display technology a High Definition picture is created without an increase in footprint or power.

What it delivers

Virtually all visible colors can be produced by some combination of the three primary colors from the Red, Green and Blue lasers.

What it Delivers

What it delivers

The PicoP® display engine is made up two modules the Integrated Photonics Module (IPM) and the Electronics Platform Module (EPM). MicroVision’s approach to working with OEMs to integrate PicoP® display technology into their products is to offer licensing opportunities that enable the OEM to leverage its existing supply chain and manufacturing base to create the modules with components it secures from MicroVision (MEMs and ASICS) and others. With this approach each OEM can design the PicoP display engine into its product in the optimal way.

PicoP Display Technology

The PicoP® display technology is in its second generation (PicoP® Gen2) and as a scanned beam laser display it is a highperformance, highly efficient optical engine:

  • Battery powered
  • 720p High Definition image
  • Use of cutting edge technology such as GaN green laser diodes to produce displays in excess of 25 lumens
  • Scanned beam laser displays meet regulatory standards for safe operation
  • Always in focus image supports consumers who want to take their display with them and use it while in motion