About Our Automotive Lidar Company

MicroVision is a pioneer in MEMS-based laser beam scanning technology—integrating optics, hardware, algorithms, and machine learning software into proprietary systems—addressing existing and emerging markets. Our integrated approach provides solutions for automotive lidar sensors, augmented reality microdisplay engines, interactive display modules, and consumer lidar components.

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, MicroVision is part of the community of high-tech leaders in the Greater Seattle Area. With deep Northwest roots that go back to laboratories at the University of Washington, we partner with companies worldwide to bring revolutionary products to market.

A history of technology innovations

An icon of a chart illustrating MircoVision being listed on the NASDAQ as MVIS



An icon of the United States flag illustrating MicroVision's contract with the United States military


U.S. Military contract

An icon of ideation illustrating MicroVision's research and development into lidar technology


Start of lidar
R & D

An icon of the Sony logo representing when Sony licensed MicroVision's 3rd generation display module


Sony licenses 3rd Generation display module

An icon of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 powered by MicroVision's MEMs lidar micro-display


HoloLens 2 MEMS micro-display

An icon of MicroVision's lidar-enabled interactive display


1st Generation lidar-enabled Class 1 interactive display

An icon of MicroVision's OEM-friendly long-range lidar


Long-Range lidar sensor unveiled at IAA

An icon of a signed contract illustrating Microvision's automotive lidar solutions completing testing and ready for partnering


Class 1 lidar sensor and sample delivery

An icon of a target illustrating Microvision's automotive lidar solutions becoming productized

2025+ Goal

Solution productized

Core technology solutions developed and delivered to global tech giants and the U.S. Military.

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