MicroVision at CES 2023: Our Post-Show Recap

Curious to know the most asked question by OEMs visiting our CES booth? Read here to find out. We also share some key takeaways from our discussions with booth visitors of automotive OEMs, lidar technologists, and industry experts.

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Mehr Sicherheit bei hohem Tempo

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS speaks with MicroVision VP Business Development Thomas Luce about how best-in-class lidar sensors such as MAVIN DR contribute to maximum driving safety even at high speeds, paving the way to Level 5 autonomous driving.

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Spotlight Series with Anubhav Verma, MicroVision CFO

We’re introducing our Spotlight Series of MicroVision experts to help us understand their roles and unique perspectives on the lidar industry. We’re kicking off this series with Anubhav Verma, the Chief Financial Officer of MicroVision, who brings over 13 years of capital markets, strategic finance, M&A expertise, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) to MicroVision..

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