Best-in-Class Field of View

Augmented Reality Microdisplay Technology

MicroVision’s microdisplay engine provides the key component for augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays. Our microdisplay provides a best-in-class wide field of view and is optimized for see-through AR with readability even in bright sunlight. The scanned beam technology’s latency and low persistence guarantee a comfortable user experience in any viewing situation.

Touch Screen

Interactive Display

MicroVision’s integrated ultra short-range lidar turns any surface into a virtual touch screen or gesture interface. It uniquely enables compact product form factors with a large, on-demand interactive display.

MicroVision’s mid-range lidar module provides new product concepts in indoor home automation, security, and robotics. This consumer lidar module offers low latency, high fidelity 3D depth measurements to products needing instantaneous spatial awareness at the edge.

Automation. Security. Robotics.

Consumer Lidar

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