Intellectual Property

MEMS Technology

MicroVision has been developing MEMS technology since 1997 to meet the cost and size requirements of Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) applications. MicroVision's MEMS technology IP contains innovations in bi-axial scanning, electromagnetic and PZT actuation technologies, high fidelity position feedback, MEMS drive control systems, and MEMS fabrication and packaging.

Custom ASICs

MicroVision has been designing numerous custom ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) since 2006 to meet the end product size, cost, and power requirements. Accumulated IP includes circuit implementations of MEMS, laser drive closed-loop control systems, and various scan beam controls to enhance laser display image quality and 3D sensing fidelity.

Algorithms & Software

MicroVision's software IP spans from low-level device controls to high-level interactivity and 3D sensing algorithms.

Control system IP includes algorithms to guarantee consistent MEMS and laser performance over the operational design domain and scan beam control algorithms for optimal display and sense image quality. Software and algorithms IP also includes methods for enhanced 3D sensing, such as dynamic field of view, adjustable resolution, frame rate, and pulse placement.

Integrated Hardware

MicroVision introduced the first commercial ultra-miniature laser beam display engine in 2009, integrating MEMS, laser diodes, optics, and electronics into a single high-performance manufacturable module. MicroVision's IP for integrated hardware includes the manufacturing platform and automation for optics installation and alignment, calibration, and testing.

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