MicroVision MAVIN

A new era of sensors enabling high-speed safety features in an OEM-friendly design

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See farther, with greater clarity, to respond faster

Next-gen lidar hardware that provides a complete, detailed picture of the road ahead.

  • Dynamic range combines short-, medium- and long-range sensing and fields of view into one form factor to provide a dynamic view of the road ahead.
  • MicroVision 905nm lidar optimizes power output to deliver maximum output while ensuring safety at all times.
A render of the MicroVision MAVIN ADAS automotive lidar unit, in a small form-factor that's OEM-friendly

Enables new high-speed safety features

New ADAS safety features at highway speeds

  • MicroVision custom ASIC fuses lidar and radar data collected from all sensors to produce an ultra-high-resolution point cloud showing drivable and non-drivable areas of the road ahead.
  • Low latency point cloud (30 hertz) allows ADAS systems to respond more quickly and take action at high speeds.

Designed and built for OEMs

A new hardware form factor developed to complement OEM design

  • The newly refined form factor enables even more flexible deployment options for OEMs.
  • Built with materials known to OEM supply chains, MAVIN is scalable, sourceable, and supports a lower cost structure.

A new era of sensors